Keep an eye on your property

Are you thinking about getting a CCTV system installed on your home of business? Think Access Security Solutions Ltd. We are fully qualified and understand that everyone's security requirements are different; we will tailor the systems to suit your individual needs.

Whether you are looking into what CCTV system would be best for your home or you want the latest in technology CCTV and access control system for your business, we are here to help.

CommPact Alarm ControlOur CCTV systems offer a practical range of security and observation solutions that reflect the best features of both established and latest CCTV technology. Whether looking for single or multi camera applications we will design a solution based on your exact needs following our premises survey and taking into account your lifestyle or business practices.

Our range includes the latest cameras with up to 700 TVL (see panel on right) resolution using the amazing Sony Effio-E image processor which allows precision set up in the most demanding situations.

Integrated Digital CCTV Systems

We can offer compact attractive CCTV solutions by combining the latest silent operation DVR technology with a high quality TFT display.

An intelligent user interface and advanced network and remote viewing capability, including Wi-Fi and iPhone and Android phone applications, makes the most of the latest technology at a competitive price.

Combination CCTV Access Control System

If you are looking for a combined CCTV and video door entry solution in one small package ideally suited for home or modern office then we can provide the ideal installation.

At the centre of the system is a stylish 8” TFT monitor with a built in full feature DVR. The monitor feeds power to, and accepts video signals from, up to 4 internal or external CCTV cameras. Remote viewing is available via an App for both iPhone and Android.

Comprehensive range of systems

  • CCTV monitoring
  • CCTV systems
  • Home CCTV
  • Integrated digital CCTV systems
  • CCTV and access system combination

Latest Camera Technology

We utilise the latest camera technology for our installations and vary the specification to match your needs, including:

  • Internal or external fitting
  • Fixed or varifocal lens
  • Standard or Domed housing
  • Integral LED/IR Illumination from 15 - 50 metres
  • Resolution from 420 - 700 TVL

TVL: (Television Lines) - A term inherited before digital and refers to the resolution of a CCTV product and is measured in TVL. Broadcast video is 540 TVL. CCTV high resolution is currently considered 480 TVL and above.

Putting you first

Customers are very important to us, as is making certain we provide you with the best possible professional CCTV system. The success we have achieved is down to believing in what we do and our commitment to building long term relationships with our customers.

"The job was assessed, quote given and work carried out within 5 days. All completed to an extremely high standard. Very happy with the complete package and would highly recommend."
- Reviewer

Thinking about getting CCTV installed? Contact us today on 0800 9078297 or 07736 378933

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